This is part of simple tutorials which cover the basics of UNIX / Linux commands.

Whenever you wants to host your website you have to approached a Web Hosting Service Provider and You need to make a selection regarding shared hosting vs dedicated hosting.
Before making any selection you have to know difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting -:
You are sharing with other

You are sharing server with other website.
You have same IP address that other have.
If other website is blacklisted for spreading spam or doing illegal work, then you have to face problem
Website response time is longer
Server Crash due to overload frequently
Limited Bandwidth
Less Secure because you not only user to control Server
Only benefit you can say it is Cost Effective, Usually costs between $3 and $5 a month. Sometime free domain is also provided

Dedicated Hosting
You and only you

You have dedicated IP address
Since you have total control of bandwidth, So response time is faster
You have greater control, you can install or uninstall any application depends on your wish
What you get that much you have to pay – Dedicated Server hosting is high

Now depend on your business requirement and financial feasibility you can decide hosting plan
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Blog this:

Add a Blog This! button to the browser toolbar, which lets you post to your Blogger blog from any webpage with just one click.

Chrome Flags:

Displays a country flag indicating the location of the websites you're visiting, apart from that it display IP address of hosted server, Google Trends, Alexa Ranking, Compete, Quantacast value including advice like WOT (Web of Trust) and McAfee Site adviser which help us to judge that a website is spyware, spam and scams free or you can say in two words it help us to judge “Web Reputation” of Website.

Chrome SEO:

Make your SEO tasks easier with Chrome SEO Tools, includes 'all' the stats and data you need like page indexed, backlink, Traffic and Rank, Bookmarks, Cached, On Site and DNS details
Chromed Bird

If You are twitter addicted then Chromed Bird is best chrome extension for twitter that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.


A simple extension that tracks how long and how often you visiting a website.


Sometime we have to consider the amount of Bite a file consumed when it is running in a website and we want to stop because if we not stop them our internet bill is turned expensive and flash file is major contributor for this, So to Block Flash file Flash Block is very good extension.
Ad Block:
If you get irritated with the add popup when you are visiting any website then AdBlock is best extension where you select
Google Mail Checker Plus

Displays the number of unread messages in your Gmail and Google Apps inbox. Preview mail, read, delete, archive and mark as spam!

Google Share Button

Use the Share extension to share webpages via your social networks like twitter, orkut, facebook, linkedin etc including email and blogs.

Google Sidewiki

You are visiting a website and you want to write your view (this view termed as expert view) regarding topics, web page any thing regarding website Google Sidewiki is best extension for browser . while posting your view on Sidewiki you can post this expert view on your blog also.

Translation Bar

This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click.

Webpage Screenshot

Fast&Simple solution to save JPG screenshots of any webpage. The first extension that captures the whole page.

World Clock Extension

This extension displays cool multiple world clocks.


Mashable is one of the biggest social media news blogs on the web. Get alerts for new articles within the topics you love.


TechCrunch obsessively reviews new internet companies & breaking tech news. Get alerts for new articles within the topics you love.

Hindustan Times - Latest News from India

Get the Latest Breaking News from India along with Business News, Cricket News and Cinema News from Hindustan Times.

Incredible StartPage - Productive Start Page for Chrome!

A new, customizable start page for Chrome. Easily find your favorite bookmarks and closed tabs. Take notes as you browse.

It is becoming more common for job applicant to be asked what their favourite hobby or pastime . It is therefore advisable to include a section on your interests and any hobby that you are actively engaged in on your CV or Resume too.

What point to consider while writing your hobbies ?

  • List hobbies or interests that clearly demonstrate relevant skills and accomplishments that are appropriate for the job.

  • The more unusual the hobby the better as it is likely to make an impact on anyone reading your CV .

  • Be careful about number of hobbies you list.

  • Whatever you do, don't make up a hobby purely to get a job.